Want to be a partner of Woodino?

Want to work from home? Be ready we are announcing a new referral program.


Woodino has launched a scheme for those individuals who want to earn money from home or want to do some separate creativity.

Any person can register with us for marketing partnership and can fill-up the form below.

after receiving information, we will generate a unique code for associated person, and then you have to ask your friends, relatives, colleagues and others around you to sign-up with woodino and buy products. When buying products, the user will need to insert a unique coupon code and will get 8% discount and the referral person will get the same 8% earning. after a specific amount, the referral can get this amount in her/his personal account or can use this to buy products on woodino.com


Kindly connect us for more information. Feel free to contact.

2 thoughts on “Want to be a partner of Woodino?

  1. Can we do this work from home? I mean as i got it, we only need to promote this website and ask customer to buy using our unique code. That’s it.

    1. Yes anyone can join this program and can work from home and as well as from office if required a part-time marketing work.

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